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Various members of staff have been participating in the Great Ellesmere Park Moustache Challenge to raise money for charity. This culminated in a pupil vote at lunchtime today and Mr. O'Leary was declared the winner. Pupils were encouraged to donate but in case anybody didn't have cash with them and wants to donate here is a link to a donation website and here is a link to information about the event.


Congratulations to the Class of 2015

We would like to congratulate ALL of our Year 11 Class of 2015 on their results. There have been some notable individual success stories but as a school we continue to enable our students to make GOOD progress. Overall 65% of students achieved 5 or more qualifications at Grade C or above with over half of our students achieving at least one grade at A/A* and some pupils like Heather Youd and Tom Maybury achieving 10!
But despite what we hear in the news it is NOT just about the top grades. Here at Ellesmere Park we are determined that all pupils, whatever their ability, achieve the best grades they possibly can. We celebrate the progress made by all pupils whether the end result is A / A* grades or D and E grades. Sometimes those pupils achieving the top grades are also those who have made excellent progress, like Tom, but there are many others who have made good progress, including Ryan Noonan and Tasneem Saleh. Some of the students in any school face enormous challenges and they deserve recognition for their efforts just as much as those who achieve the top grades. 
I am sure I echo the sentiments of our students and their families when I thank the staff of Ellesmere Park for all the support they have provided for our pupils. We look forward to a bright future for each and every one of you.

Heather Aaron



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The latest OfSTED report confirms we are a good school

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